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5 great ideas for creating a workspace in a bedroom

5 idées pour créer un coin bureau dans une chambre meubles Gautier

Working from home can be a delicate operation, especially if you need a separate space so you can concentrate without being disturbed. The easiest thing to do is to lock yourself away in a room that's separate from the other living spaces, such as your bedroom for example. Follow our advice on how best to set up your desk space in a bedroom, so you can use it to work as well as sleep.

How to set up a home office in a bedroom?

As with a child's bedroom, you need to choose your desk carefully so that this additional element blends in seamlessly with the style of your bedroom. As you will no doubt be keen to retain the stylish look and relaxing feel of your bedroom, the choices you make in terms of furniture and layout are very important. You need to make sure that this room is still just as appealing when you are not using it for work.

1. Create boundaries between the workspace and the rest of the bedroom

There are lots of ingenious ways to create two clearly distinct spaces in your room and ensure your workspace blends in with your bedroom. For example, go for a different colour on the wall in front of your desk or behind it (as long as the colour you choose does not clash with the rest). Also try adding suitable lighting to ensure you can work comfortably. Finally, a partition, removable screen or even a voile curtain (if your desk fits into a recess) can make the area less noticeable.

2. Use a small desk to avoid filling the entire space

The design and colour of a desk in a bedroom need to be simple and understated, whether you go for a corner desk or a rotating desk. It can also be replaced by a console table that will act as a dual purpose piece of furniture. The advantage of having a small worktop is that you can't let too many papers pile up, as you need to keep your bedroom feeling uncluttered and peaceful. If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk working, it's best to avoid stools: although they are handy in that they slide easily underneath your desk, choosing a chair with arms and a backrest will provide you with all the comfort and support you need – and you should never underestimate this.

3. Your desk can act as a new storage space in your bedroom

Depending on the size of your bedroom, a desk can be an ingenious way to furnish your space by creating additional storage. As well as providing a worktop, your desk may also have cupboard space so you can keep your files and IT equipment out of sight.

4. Decorate your workspace without too much clutter

When it comes to decorating a workspace in a bedroom, our advice is to keep things light and airy. Don't use lots of different lighting, and too many photo frames can clutter up your worktop. A tidy workspace makes it easier for you to concentrate. In particular, try to blend in with the decor of your bedroom with limited ornaments in stylish designs, in soft and homely colours.

5. Use the window to let in light and adjust your modular desk

Your desk should ideally be located near a window, ensuring there is no glare on your screen. It's always more pleasant to work in natural light during the daytime, with curtains or voiles giving you the option of adjusting the level of brightness. When setting up a workspace in a bedroom, modular study furniture for a bedroom is always the best solution. For example, you could place your desk next to a tall storage unit and create the perfect combination to suit your space.

How about using your spare room to set up a home office?

If you want to keep your bedroom as it is, there's another solution for working in a sleeping area: setting up a home office in your spare room. This idea means you can create a 2-in-1 space and ensure that this room is in constant use, whereas it would previously have been mostly unoccupied. Following the above advice means that your friends will still be able to enjoy sleeping in a cosy and comfortable spare room, whilst enabling you to work there when they have gone.

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