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Why will you love our couch-end units?

Small, high-quality furniture

Our couch-end units are excellently made. Although they are small and compact, we still pay particular attention to their design and the quality of their finishes. We attach the same level of importance to the style of our furniture, whether big or small.

Multi-purpose pieces of occasional furniture

These couch-end units have a range of uses, such as coffee tables or pedestal tables to hold a lamp, plant or ornament. Small and lightweight, they can easily be moved around the room so they are always useful wherever you need them the most.

Our small pieces of furniture stamp their own style

Our couch-end units blend in easily with your living room with their modern look and understated lines. Their unusual design is sure to add an extra touch of sophistication to your home.

How do I maintain my Gautier end table?

To maintain your end table, we recommend regular cleaning with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage materials. For wooden surfaces, a specific wood cleaner can be used to preserve their natural shine.

What are the advantages of end tables with integrated storage?

End tables with integrated storage offer a practical solution to optimize space in your living room. They allow you to store everyday items like remote controls, books or magazines, while keeping your living space tidy and stylish. These models combine functionality and design for an interior that is always impeccable.

Do you offer delivery and installation services for end tables?

Yes, Gautier offers delivery and installation services to ensure your end table is set up perfectly. Our teams of experts take care of the installation and advise you on the best location to optimize the space and aesthetics of your living room.

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