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How long is the delivery time?

Delivery times vary between countries, depending on the geographical distance from France and the items ordered. We manufacture in France and Europe, and allow furniture customisation, so you can enjoy a quality product that meets your high standards. Allow an average of six weeks for beds, tables and storage units, and twelve weeks for chairs. Delivery (in-store, pick-up point or home delivery) and assembly terms vary between stores so we recommend that you visit your local Gautier store for more information.

Where can I buy Gautier furniture?

At our Gautier stores: We have nearly 100 Gautier stores spread throughout 30 countries. Visit one to explore the displays, enjoy the atmosphere and see and touch our furniture. Our sales consultants are always there to help.

You can find most of our products on our website, so you can create your wishlist. If you wish to order those products, we recommend you make an appointment with your local store:

Will you deliver the furniture to my home? And can you assemble it for me?

For in-store and online purchases, you can choose from several delivery options:

Delivery to a store (contact your local store)

Delivery to a pick-up point: when ordering, select a pick-up point and you will be sent a confirmation email which you can use to track your order and check your delivery date.

Home delivery (to the doorstep, to your level, to the room: we can do it all!)

Home delivery and assembly: if you select the delivery and assembly option, our delivery provider will contact you to book a time to deliver and assemble your furniture.

Our delivery staff are trained to install, assemble and set up your furniture. If you are interested in this service we will provide a quote for delivery and assembly. Contact our franchise stores or proceed with an online purchase.

Before finalising your order, one of our specialists can come to your home* upon request to take the necessary measurements and help you select furnishings and decorations. Our team has great decoration and interior design skills, as well as a thorough knowledge of Gautier products. You can rest assured you are getting the very best advice.

*See in-store for details.

I want to redo a room. How can I get help and what is the process?

You can get help with any project from our teams of sales and design consultants.

Either head into your local store or make an appointment on your local store’s page of our website. Some stores offer in-home consultations. Appointments can also be made for in-store and video-call consultations. Our sales consultants will create a model of your project using our Gautier Home software so you can see the result in high definition.

I want to redo a room. Can I do it myself online?

Thanks to our Gautier Home software, you can create your own high definition model of all your projects.
Create it yourself or get help from sales consultants at your local Gautier store.

You can then order your furniture and decorations online or at one of our stores.

Design and quality

Can I furnish my whole house from a Gautier store?

Our Gautier stores sell furniture and decorative items for bedrooms, dressing rooms, lounges, living rooms, dining rooms and offices. We do not sell furnishings for kitchens and bathrooms.

Gautier's story and reputation began with children's bedroom furniture. Since then, we have gradually diversified and expanded our ranges without compromising on quality.

This is how our designers and creators mastered the bedroom - in the broadest sense of the word - then the living room, dining room, office, etc. In addition to our furniture, we have created the modular Préface and Imagine collections to suit all your needs.
We have developed our expertise and know-how over decades in order to offer you products for almost your entire house.

Here at Gautier, our priority is to continue doing what we do best, while guaranteeing you the best possible services, prices and levels of safety

You emphasise the quality of Gautier's furniture, but do you have any evidence to back up this claim?

We have 60 years of experience under our belts and in 1994 we were awarded ISO 9001 certification for our quality management systems. This allows us to offer a 10-year warranty on our furniture. In addition, every piece of furniture manufactured by Gautier complies with all current European and French standards.

At Gautier, quality is in our blood. We simply cannot cut corners with furniture, and particularly children's furniture. We have applied these rigorous standards to our furniture designs for more than 60 years. We have a clear objective that runs through the whole design process and production line: “to seek out the most reliable, most suitable solutions rather than focusing on profit.”

We hold a number of ISO certifications (ISO 9001 for our quality management system, ISO 14001 for our environmental management and OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety). These all recognise our brand's commitment and adherence to strict standards.

But the best evidence of Gautier's quality comes from our satisfied customers and their word-of-mouth recommendations. Our customer feedback suggests they particularly like the durability of our furniture, the quality of the materials and finishes, and the fact that they can be repeatedly dismantled and reassembled without damage.

What are the safety features of your children's furniture?

All our products comply with current French and European standards for furniture. For example, our junior high beds come with guard rails and non-slip steps. A logo confirms that we comply with these standards and indicates that our bunk beds are unsuitable for children below 6 years of age.

Gautier is committed to implementing a clear and easy-to-understand labelling system to help our customers choose the right products for their needs.
At Gautier, we draw on our experience and excellent knowledge of our end consumers (whether they are children, teenagers, young adults or adults) in order to make and supply products that perfectly match their expectations and lifestyles.
Before offering them for sale, our furniture undergoes strenuous laboratory and real-life testing.
We pay particular attention to the materials and parts that are used in our furniture (wood panels, adhesives, metal elements, etc.). For instance, we use low-emission wood panels in order to contribute to healthier, safer homes. This helps the whole family to feel more comfortable and relaxed, children included.

You are French manufacturers - do you make all your furniture in France?

We produce 95% of our furniture in France, at our factories in the Vendée region. Additional items such as bedding, sofas and chairs make up about 5% of our range. After we have completed the design work for those items, they are produced by carefully selected manufacturers according to strict quality, safety and environmental criteria. It is essential that our partners share the same high standards and are as meticulous as we are about manufacturing furniture.

Of course we produce the vast majority of our furniture in the Vendée region of France (at Boupère, Chantonnay and Saint-Prouant) for historical reasons, but we continue to do so because it is the best way to guarantee our customers high quality items. Here, we can rigorously check the products exiting our factories and offer customers top quality items.

By choosing this local production approach, we strive to also limit the number of companies involved and the transport required. Having fewer intermediaries gives us greater control over the production line, resulting in better quality at a lower price for our customers.

Gautier's reputation for quality goes far beyond our borders. We are regularly referenced and praised for the quality of our furniture and services. As far as we are concerned, we are proud to be involved in exporting and sharing our ‘French touch' with the rest of the world!

Who designs the furniture? Where is the design work carried out for Gautier furniture?

At Gautier, our design offices are fully integrated into our Boupère site in the Vendée region of France. Our teams work closely together to create furniture that improves people's quality of life.

We draw inspiration and ideas from a great many sources. Of course we follow market trends in design, interiors, architecture, furniture and fashion, but we are also interested in how our lifestyles are changing. The last 50 years have seen radical changes to our daily lives, communal living spaces (living rooms, kitchens, etc.), personal spaces (bedrooms, offices, etc.) and the overall ergonomics of our homes. Similarly, modern equipment and devices have totally transformed our interiors. Our teams of designers and creators take all this into consideration in their work.

On the other hand, we also make the most of the technological evolution of our tools in order to improve the function and reliability of our products. Improved production methods and the advent of new materials allow us to come up with new combinations and shapes and to find solutions to new technical challenges, while still retaining the traditional expertise that is at the heart of Gautier quality.

Living with your furniture

How can I protect my furniture?

For all surfaces that are in daily use, we apply a lacquer or varnish, depending on the particular design of the furniture. We use a UV varnish and water-based lacquers with a very low solvent content.

We strive to create attractive surfaces that are also pleasant to the touch. Here at Gautier, we pay particular attention to ensuring our furniture looks good and has a quality finish. For our design team, the senses of sight and touch are vital when it comes to furniture.

We strive to produce healthier products. The water-based lacquers that we use contain low levels of solvents. We do everything we can to limit any harmful effects from our furniture. We want our products to contribute to people's wellbeing in their homes and we want as many people as possible to use our furniture safely.

We strive to achieve more durable surfaces. Gautier surfaces adhere to strict criteria on quality. At every stage of the design process, our teams focus on ensuring that surfaces are durable and tough enough to withstand the demands of daily use.

What does Gautier’s furniture warranty cover?

Our 10-year warranty covers all our furniture. This warranty does not affect or replace your statutory rights.

Our 7-year warranty covers our bed bases and mattresses. This warranty does not affect or replace your statutory rights.

Our 5-year warranty covers our sofa, chair and armchair frames. This warranty does not affect or replace your statutory rights.

Our 2-year warranty covers our coverings, headboard and chair upholstery fabrics, moving and electrical/electronic parts on sofas, and electronic accessories (excluding light bulbs and batteries). This warranty does not affect or replace your statutory rights.

Our after-sales service is here to help. We have stock at our warehouse and can replace any faulty part (shelf, hinge, handle, etc.). Please directly contact the retailer that sold you the furniture.

This means that you can enjoy your Gautier furniture under the best conditions for many years, with peace of mind.

I've lost the assembly instructions for my furniture, what should I do?

Send us your request to and specify the furniture item and collection for which you need assembly instructions.

Gautier furniture is designed to stand the test of time (if used correctly in accordance with its original purpose) and it can withstand being assembled and disassembled multiple times. If you lose the assembly instructions, we can send you a new set free of charge upon request. Simply send an email to

Regardless of the particular collection, model or purchase date, we will send you the instructions you need to reassemble your furniture. This after-sales service is just one of the many services that Gautier offers our customers to make your life easier.

Our customer care team is here to help.

If you have any other comments or questions, please call our customer care team on
+33 (0)2 51 61 41 93.

My Gautier furniture arrived damaged. How do I claim on my warranty?

Directly contact the retailer that sold you the furniture.

Our product team carefully reviews all customer feedback in order to detect any design faults and improve our product testing, so you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

We have parts available at our warehouse and our well-organised after-sales team provides a great service. If, despite all the care we take in the design and manufacture of our furniture, an item is defective in any way (such as surfaces that deteriorate prematurely, broken hinges or handles, abnormal fragility, etc.), we will replace the defective product or item under warranty as quickly as possible.

Sustainable commitments

What are you doing to minimise your environmental impact?

For some years now, we have been taking a very ecological approach to our furniture production. This includes our selection of suppliers, the wood that we source from sustainably managed forests in southwestern France, our use of lacquers with a very low solvent content, and our use of wood residues to heat our premises. In 2006 these efforts were rewarded with the ISO 14001 certification for our commitment to protecting the environment.

During the design phase, we pay close attention to how we can limit the impact of our products on the environment.

Criteria include: selection of materials,
use of wood from sustainably managed forests,
recycling of wood offcuts,
recycling 98% of production waste,
selection and optimisation of packaging,
and optimisation of transport methods.

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, Gautier also says “NO!” to disposable furniture. It should be possible to dismantle and reassemble furniture without weakening it. This is why Gautier offers a 10-year warranty.

Do your panels emit formaldehyde?

Our R&D centre was one of the first in Europe to manufacture very low emission panels. Today, these panels emit levels of formaldehyde that are two times lower than the best rate specified in European norm EN 13986. With emissions below 4mg/100g, this is close to the emissions of plants in their natural state. Our factory has also just been awarded the American CARB Phase 2 certificate, one of the world's strictest standards.

Formaldehyde is a chemical compound that is commonly found in the air in our homes, but it is also frequently present outside the home and is created by many different sources (as a result of cooking, exhaust gases, cigarette smoke, etc.). This compound is a volatile organic compound, commonly known as a VOC.

It is found in wooden furniture (particularly in the adhesives used in chipboard, particle board, plywood, etc.) and its presence may be detected by the odour that it emits (a pungent odour that can even be detected at low concentrations). The lower the formaldehyde content, the lower the risk to health. If you notice this odour, we strongly recommend that you air your room for the first few days after installing the furniture. The odour should gradually disappear and the formaldehyde emissions will decrease.

At Gautier, we identified the potentially harmful effects of this volatile organic compound at an early stage, and we have taken the lead by reducing formaldehyde levels in our furniture. With levels below 4mg/100g, the emissions pose almost zero risk to health.

How do you manage waste?

98% of production waste is recycled or treated. Wood residues from manufacturing are used for heating in order to reduce our consumption of non-renewable resources. Some of the residues are also used to make our panels. All other production waste is sorted and recycled or otherwise treated as appropriate.

Everyone at Gautier has always been very aware of environmental issues. From managing resources and raw materials to transportation, the use of materials, designing furniture to last, waste management and more: at each stage we try to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.

This waste management process allows us to reduce wastage of natural resources as much as possible. Gautier's economic and environmental commitment provides a real benefit for our customers, who in turn contribute to the husbanding of raw materials and our planet's resources.

What are you doing to limit emissions in the area of transportation?

We produce our own panels locally, which considerably reduces the need for transportation between our sites. We also procure our wood from suppliers within a 300-kilometre radius. We plan our routes carefully and optimise the way we load our lorries without palettes so that we can make as few journeys as possible. Lastly, we organise with our main carriers to avoid lorries returning empty.

As our business expands, we are more aware than ever of our responsibilities. In terms of the environment, we have implemented a comprehensive eco-design approach to minimise our furniture’s impact, from design to retail.

Transport is a key element in this process because it is involved in so many stages: supplying raw materials, transporting manufactured items around the factory, dispatching to Gautier stores and delivering to the customer.

Yet another reason to optimise our entire production line.

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