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Decorating an adult bedroom: style and durability

Déco chambre adulte : tendance et durabilité, meubles gautier

It's all about the natural look for bedrooms! Go for high quality classic furniture that stands the test of time. Choose pastel colours for your walls, such as light blue, green or powder pink. Another option is to go for warmer shades such as terracotta, ochre or orange. Fans of brighter colours should try to use them sparingly in a bedroom. They look best on cushions, picture frames or ornaments, for example, to ensure you don't destroy the restful atmosphere in your bedroom.

Creating a cosy bedroom that's modern as well as restful

So you feel fully relaxed at bedtime, enhance your room by adding decorative pieces with soft lines. If you're looking for inspiration, check out our collections of rugs or mirrors. A bed-end storage unit like this one from the Symphonie collection can be a real plus for your bedroom. As well as being practical, it gives your bedroom a personal touch with space to show off your ornaments. Finally, consider adding stylish and comfortable armchairs to add interest to a corner, for example. Choose designs in natural colours to retain a restful feel in your bedroom.

What about lighting? Go for modern designs with curved lines to bring a soft feel to your bedroom. Creating a cosy, restful feel is all about attention to detail. Focus on premium materials and fabrics to give your bedroom a more stylish and inviting atmosphere.

Try not to add too much furniture as this will make the space look cluttered. If you can't decide between several bedside tables, we would recommend combining your dresser or tall chest with the classic curved lines of the PREMIUM ORBITE bedside table.

When it comes to windows, choose curtains made from warm, thick fabrics. They will create a wonderfully cosy feel to keep you comfortable in autumn and winter. In spring, you can replace them with transparent, airy voiles to let more light into the room. They will create a lighter and more romantic feel for your bedroom. You can also put rugs on the floor, choosing soft, natural and pastel colours to add instant warmth to your bedroom.

Giving your bedroom an exotic feel

Be inspired by faraway lands and decorate your bedroom with souvenirs of exotic travels or dreams of idyllic getaways. You can choose decorative items such as pictures or printed bedding to create the desired effect. Finally, add rugs made from natural fibres. Bringing a lush, exotic feel to your bedroom will help you unwind, the key to a great night's sleep.

If you prefer a boho theme for your decor, go for mostly light-coloured fabrics and ornaments or lighting made from natural fibres, such as woven lighting. In particular, choose soft colours such as linen or greige for the walls and floor. Dried flowers in vintage containers such as demijohns are essential for creating a bedroom with a boho theme.

Give your bedroom a natural feel by choosing fabulous botanical patterns for your wallpaper. Choose a panoramic design and place it above your headboard, for example: a stunning effect, guaranteed! Positioned just above your dresser or bed, mirrors can also add elegance to your walls. What's more, they reflect the light and make your bedroom appear larger.

If you prefer a bedroom with an understated look, the traditional headboard can be replaced with clever painted wall art. Painted in a different colour to the rest of your bedroom, it will create a cosy, protective alcove to add depth to the room. A great tip for smaller spaces.

Still in terms of decor, the current trend is for the most naturally beautiful material of them all: wood. You can also invite nature into your home to tie in with your decor! A few lush plants or bunches of dried flowers here and there are a great way to add a wonderfully romantic feel to your bedroom.

Go for soft colours for a natural, warm feel

Choosing the right bedding and pictures for your walls helps make you feel relaxed and ready to sleep as soon as you set foot in your bedroom. Use a colour chart, choosing shades that inspire you the most. You can go for colours that are fashionable at the moment, such as green or powder pink. Applied to a single wall in your bedroom, these lovely shades have a calming effect as well as looking stylish. They can help you create a soothing, tranquil atmosphere to encourage restful sleep.

Choose your bedding carefully, too. For maximum comfort during the night, familiarise yourself with the properties of various different materials such as cotton, cotton satin and linen, and choose the ones that suit you best in terms of look and feel. Our current favourites are cool, breathable fabrics such as percale or cotton gauze – perfect for sleeping between soft and comfortable sheets.

Finally, pay particular attention to the quality of your mattress and bed base, as this is undoubtedly the best way to guarantee restful sleep.

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