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Furniture for a teenager's bedroom: how to upgrade your child's bedroom?

chambre ados : comment faire évoluer la chambre et la déco, meubles gautier

Your child is all grown up! Their needs are changing, so their bedroom needs to change too. Here is our advice for ensuring a smooth transition from childhood to adolescence, creating a brand new space designed with your teenager in mind. Certain pieces of furniture will now be more important, such as a desk as well as a wardrobe. You may also want to consider a new bed, as they'll need a bigger mattress for all those pyjama parties!

Teenager bedrooms with a classic or designer feel

To smooth the transition between their past and future bedroom, work with your teenager to choose the furniture they need the most. This could be a bookcase or a desk. Any decorative items you replace or add must be carefully selected. Follow your teenager's lead when it comes to choosing their favourite pieces. This is essential for ensuring they feel at home in their new bedroom and can use their new furniture to its best potential for storing or showing off their belongings.

Modular beds that are made to last

Time to move on from a child's bed! Your teenager will need a new bed that's designed to last, made from high quality materials. Why not choose an extending design like this one from the Urban collection? Perfect for growing with your teenager, it creates a comfortable sleeping space with a width of 120 cm: an excellent alternative to a single bed but without taking up as much room as a double. This size is ideal for ensuring your teenager gets a great night's sleep. Add cushions to turn it into a daybed, great for having friends round. Also try adding built-in storage such as these underbed drawers. As well as looking stylish, these drawers are also really practical for storing bulky items. This new bed also offers a modern, designer headboard for extra style!

Finally, choose your bedside table carefully. It may be small, but this piece of furniture is really important for a teenager. Make sure it has a surface area that's large enough for a lamp as well as a book, tablet or mobile phone. Finally, drawers can be really useful for teenagers, providing space for all their favourite items such as jewellery, a watch or their headphones or earphones, for example.

Office furniture to create the perfect workspace

The advantage of our office furniture and associated storage units is that they can create a modular space for your child to work and study. Providing plenty of space for all their books and files, they enable your child to work comfortably on a tidy worktop. You can even choose a bookcase from the same collection as the desk and place them alongside each other for a streamlined look.

This space needs to be particularly comfortable. Ensure it has sufficient lighting and choose their desk chair carefully. Ensure you choose a high-quality, ergonomic design to protect their back and reduce the risk of your child spending hours studying in a poor position. Some of our designs fit into a storage combination which can be created in their bedroom depending on how much space you have available. Ingenious!

Organising space using storage furniture to suit their needs

With all their clothes, figurines and books, your teenager may be starting to have so many belongings that everything is getting out of hand, particularly if they are spread all over the floor due to a lack of storage space. So if you haven't yet maximised the space available by furnishing their room with large storage units, choosing a spacious bookcase is a great idea. This will help them to organise their shelves in themes so that everything is at their fingertips.

You will also need to add a wardrobe to their bedroom. The advantage of this storage unit is that it has a mirror built into the sliding doors. Perfect for checking their appearance before school! Your teenager can using the hanging space for items on hangers, and fill the shelves so the clothes they need for their lessons are always at their fingertips. If you prefer to go for a dresser, make sure you consider the depth of the drawers and the durability of the runner systems to make sure it will last. Finally, keep your teenager happy by going for furniture that is practical as well as stylish. Choosing the right furniture will save them time when it comes to choosing their outfit in the morning!

Decorate your teenager's room to make it their own

Every detail counts when it comes to teenagers, as we're sure you'll know. Why not suggest new wallpaper for their bedroom, for example, or adding a panoramic feature behind their bed or desk. It will instantly lift the room, and your teenager is sure to love it! You could also go for unusual, designer wall decoration in their bedroom, adding trendy pictures that reflect their interests or personality. You can also make the wall decoration useful by adding simple, stylish wall shelves or splashes of colour to brighten up their bedroom. The aim? To create a bedroom that's as unique as your teenager, a comforting space that helps them feel their best!

Discussing all these new ideas with your teenager also gives you the opportunity to chat about their changing needs and personality now that they are growing up. Involving them in upgrading their childhood bedroom helps smooth this transition into an important new stage in their life. Decorating their bedroom is a subtle way of showing them that you have full respect and consideration for their growing independence. During this period, their bedroom is an essential safe haven that can help them to recharge their batteries and move into adolescence as smoothly as possible.

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