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How to choose the colour for your adult bedroom | Gautier magazine

couleur chambre adulte : comment bien choisir, meubles gautier

What colour is best for a bedroom?

The colours you choose for your bedroom can have a major impact on your sleep. In addition, how well you sleep depends to a certain extent on the general atmosphere you create in this room. Colours have a very strong impact on our brains, and therefore on our mood and mindset.


What's the best way to choose the colour of your bedroom?

Before making a decision about a particular colour, the most important thing is to establish the style you are looking to create in your bedroom. Are you going for a boho feel or an exotic twist, for example? It's not just light colours that promote good sleep. If you feel like creating a bedroom with dark-coloured walls, the most important thing is to create a look that complements your bedroom furniture and decor so that the result is always stylish and restful.


The best paint colours for your bedroom

Look at colour palettes to help you decide, bearing in mind that your choice mostly depends on the type of atmosphere you are hoping to create in your bedroom. Light, pastel or cool colours are ideal for creating a relaxing, restful and understated bedroom, whilst warmer colours create a more cosy and comforting feel. The choice is yours!

Light colours

To create as much light as possible in your bedroom, why not just paint your walls white? As well as being absolutely timeless, white is the perfect solution for showcasing your bedroom furniture and making the room as bright as possible. If you go for this option, add splashes of bright or dark colours on pictures, rugs or bedding. To add warmth to the space, add decorative pieces such as bedside tables, wooden headboards or lighting in natural fibres.

Powder pink, light blue, pale grey or sea green are all pastel colours that look great in bedrooms. You can also use one of these colours to paint a single wall - such as the one behind your bed - and leave the other walls white. The soothing atmosphere you create will help you sleep better.

Shades of golden or pinkish beige, or even a taupe colour, are perfect for walls if you're aiming for a soft, restful feel for your bedroom. The two main advantages of light colours are their ability to brighten rooms that would otherwise be dull, and make small spaces seem larger. If you come up against either of these issues, we recommend looking at these colour palettes.


Dark colours

Are you considering dark colours for your bedroom? We don't blame you. There's no reason why these colours can't be used in a bedroom, as long as you combine them with lighter shades and choose the right decor. For example, charcoal grey looks great with pale grey. Add wallpaper with a brighter print to this combination of colours: this is guaranteed to lift the look of your room. You could also go for white or a lovely shade of pink to counterbalance a wall painted in a dark colour. Try using natural materials in your lighting. Just like white, it will showcase your bedroom furniture and create an undoubtedly inviting and restful feel.

Who said you can't use black on your bedroom walls? Quite the opposite, in fact! Carefully selecting your decor for a very natural and boho feel with the addition of wall decorations, rugs and exotic ornaments in bright or light colours will create an absolutely stunning bedroom. Add baroque-style mirrors to maximise the light for a fabulous look.


A bold choice for bedroom walls, purple is renowned for its ability to slow down our metabolism and promote sleep. Choose from a whole host of different shades to find the one you like best. Apply it to a single wall and team it with other complementary colours such as green, pale pink or white to create a stylish look. Using colours like these will help you break away from boring, monochrome bedrooms and create a really trendy look. Finally, add green plants or light-coloured flowers for a soothing, refined effect.

Cool colours

Painting your bedroom walls in shades of blue is an excellent idea for creating a soothing feel. Green also has a similarly relaxing and peaceful effect. These so-called "cool" colours are highly recommended for anyone prone to anxiety, as they are renowned for slowing down the heart rate, reducing blood pressure and helping you to breathe more slowly.

Grey is always worth considering for your bedroom, whatever shade you choose. As well as being calming, grey teams easily with all kinds of materials and ties in with current colour trends.


As you can imagine, there is a huge choice of shades. If you can't decide between a single shade or a blend of colours, don't forget you can also combine several colours together (although it's best to stick to a maximum of three). If you decide to go for a bright colour, reduce the risk of overdoing it by just using it on a limited area. For example, try applying the "80/20" rule so that the most neutral or soothing colours are the ones that are the most dominant in your room. The best way to add bright splashes of colour is through ornaments or bedding.

Let your imagination run wild and use your intuition. Arm yourself with a colour chart and go for the colours you like best and find the most appealing. A bedroom is a very personal space, so it's crucial that you choose decor that suits you. Follow your instincts when choosing from a multitude of possible shades, and bear in mind that the colours you use for the walls in this room need to reflect your own tastes or help create a soothing feel, depending on your personality and whether you are looking to work on your anxiety. Current trends and professional advice are all well and good, but they should only be considered as sources of inspiration to help you find the colours that will make your bedroom totally unique and designed with you in mind.

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