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How to furnish a teenager's small attic bedroom ?

Comment aménager une petite chambre ado sous pente ? meubles gautier

Using the attic space in your home to create a bedroom is sure to be popular with your teenager. Often wanting to be on their own, but without being too far away from their parents, an attic bedroom means they can be more independent. But it takes a lot of careful consideration and good advice to furnish an attic bedroom so that you maximise all the space available and create a cosy, practical and comfortable haven.

Solutions for furnishing a teenager's attic bedroom

Attic bedrooms have a large surface area, but this space is often poorly used. They can be difficult to furnish due to the way the space is distributed, with some areas sometimes having very low ceiling height. But with the right kind of advice, this quirkiness can be an asset! Take advantage of these different heights by adding low-level storage combined with light and airy decorative items. Arrange them in every nook and cranny of your bedroom, and complement them with strings of lights. This will add depth to your bedroom and draw the eye to the various areas of the room with bright and colourful touches to add to its appeal.

The best types of beds for an attic bedroom

A bed is obviously essential, but you need to make sure you choose one that fits into your attic space - which can sometimes be an unconventional shape. Go for a design that doesn't take up too much room and sits flat on the floor so that your teenager doesn't have to be a contortionist getting in and out of bed! The most important thing is choosing the right location. It needs to be easily accessible so your teenager can sit on it, but without being too central and taking over the entire room. Ideally, use an entire corner of the room for the bed to make best use of the space.

Maximise space with a single bed

Single beds are often the best option for attic bedrooms. If you position the bed perpendicular to the sloping ceiling, ensure you allow at least 1 metre between the floor and the ceiling (1.4m if the bed is positioned parallel).

Positioned along a wall, it can be used as a daybed. Simply add a few soft cushions to create a really comfortable backrest. This means that your teenager can create a comfortable, relaxing space for themselves or for when they have friends round – creating their very own little lounge area with a cosy, laid-back feel.

Space-saving pull-out bed

A pull-out bed is ideal for when your teenager has friends over to stay. Whether you go for a slide-out or lift-up version, their spare bed is ready in a flash! What's more, it means that your teenager can double the size of their bed, sprawled out comfortably for reading, playing or revising.

Low-level storage units

Certain areas located underneath sloping ceilings can appear uninspiring and really difficult to furnish, but in fact they can create really useful storage areas to keep other parts of the bedroom clear, provided you choose the right low-level storage. Still got room to spare? Go for modular storage like some of these bookcases from our collection and maximise every nook and cranny in the attic.

Storage furniture to fit underneath a sloping ceiling

An attic bedroom needs just as much storage as any other bedroom. If you have enough height for a bookcase or wardrobe, that's great! But if not, it's best to go for wall shelves. They provide more flexibility as they can be mounted on the wall at the height you need, including right underneath the eaves. There are other storage options such as dressers. These low-level units will be easier to position underneath your sloping ceilings. And when it comes to storage units for children, anything goes! For example, you could add a chest or an underbed drawer – really handy for storing bedding and bulky clothing!

Creating attic space for a desk

A few important things need to be considered before buying a desk for an attic bedroom. A desk is a key piece in a teenager's bedroom, and you need to make sure you choose it carefully so they can work comfortably and productively. First and foremost, make sure there is enough head height so your teenager can stand up easily, and position it in a source of natural light if possible (ensuring there is no glare on their computer screen, if they use one). A practical but essential detail: install sockets close by so they can plug in all their equipment as well as their desk lamp without getting tangled up in unsightly extensions. Also make sure you don't waste the best space for a desk by placing a radiator there instead (that's why it's best to position radiators under the eaves). Finally, position storage units underneath the desk to keep their worktop clear.

The best decoration ideas for making an attic bedroom look bigger

To make the room brighter and more pleasant, add roof windows or skylights. We recommend glazing around 1/6th of the total surface area of the attic room to ensure the entire room benefits from natural light. Consider inset spotlights or wall lights for when your teenager needs more light at the end of the day. These lighting solutions take up less space than a pendant light and show off the sloping ceilings.

The sloping ceilings of an attic bedroom make the room truly unique, and there are a few handy tips for giving an impression of extra ceiling height. For example, adding wallpaper with vertical designs or patterns instantly creates the illusion of height – what a great idea! Check out our wallpaper collection for your child's bedroom – we think you'll be spoilt for choice.

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