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Tip no. 1: Choose furniture to suit the size of your lounge

Conseils agenceurs | Bien choisir ses meubles en fonction de la taille de son salon

Often considered to be the main room in a home, the lounge is first and foremost used for relaxing in; a place for getting together with family and friends, whatever the time of day.


Measure your lounge

To establish how much space you have, you first need to take exact measurements of your living room. This will give you a clear idea of which types of furniture and decoration to choose. Don't forget to factor in the size of the doors and which way they open, as well as the windows and any other elements that may influence the way you position your furniture.


Choose the right kind of furniture

Now that you have the measurements for your lounge, you can move onto choosing the right furniture for you. Go for pieces that are neither too big nor too small, to suit the scale of your room. If furniture is too big it can clutter the space, but if it's too small it can appear lost in the room. You could also go for compact and practical modular furniture, without compromising on comfort and style. Opting for transparent, glass or sleek furniture can create a more lightweight feel.      


Maximise your storage space

Creating space to keep everything organised is a real bonus in small lounges, so you may wish to consider units with built-in storage such as coffee tables with drawers or lift-up tops, modular wall shelves, storage footstools, etc. This means you can keep your lounge tidy and enjoy using every inch of space.


Tip no. 1: Choose furniture to suit the size of your lounge
Tip no. 1: Choose furniture to suit the size of your lounge

Experiment with different layouts

The way you set out the furniture in your lounge also plays a role in maximising your space. For example, you could arrange a sofa against a wall to create an illusion of depth in a straight, rectangular lounge. Ensure there is plenty of clear space so you can move around easily in the room. Try out different layouts until you find the perfect arrangement for your furniture depending on the shape of your lounge.


Introduce colours and lighting

Different types of lighting and colours also have a strong impact on the perception of space. Choose light, neutral colours for your walls and furniture if you want to make the room appear bigger. Lighting that takes up little room in your lounge is best, arranged to show off your furniture to its best advantage. You can also complement your living room with mirrors that will reflect natural light and make the room appear more spacious. Bear in mind that your lounge is unique, so feel free to let your imagination run wild. Whatever its size, there's a way to turn your living room into a comfortable and welcoming space !


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