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Wall storage for the lounge: our ideas | Gautier magazine

rangement mural pour le salon : nos idées | meubles gautier

Creating wall storage in a lounge: our ideas

Do you love getting together by inviting friends and family round? If so, it's important to put a lot of thought into how you furnish your lounge. However big or small, lounges benefit from choosing the right kind of furniture to create storage space. A wall combination, bookcase or wall shelves can look great in your home. When making your selection, try to bear a few key principles in mind: all your furniture should be useful, durable and tailored to the surface area and layout of your room. Read on to check out our advice and help you make the right choices !


Designer TV wall combinations

If you are lucky enough to have a pleasant and spacious lounge, you will no doubt be tempted to add a stunning TV wall composition. As well as adding a designer touch to your home, our wall compositions tick all the right boxes with their premium quality materials used for all our pieces and an extensive choice of natural colours.

The main advantage of a wall composition is the fact that it is modular. You can choose the elements that best suit your needs and create a bespoke layout really easily. Your composition is fully customised so it easily fits around your specific tastes and room constraints.

Another advantage of a wall composition is that it provides extensive, practical storage for effortlessly keeping your lounge tidy. It instantly creates a soothing, homely atmosphere.


Wall storage for the lounge: our ideas | Gautier magazine
Wall storage for the lounge: our ideas | Gautier magazine

Wall shelves: absolutely essential

Bring a light touch to the layout of your lounge by adding wall shelves in a subtle blend of styles. Some of the wall shelves in our collections have really handy drop-down doors to keep books or other items free from dust. You can create as many combinations as you like, creating plenty of spacious storage whilst freeing up floor space! Really practical if you want to keep this area free for a sofa or armchair, for example.

It is important to choose the position of your wall shelves according to the layout of your room. Ideally, you would have enough space to combine three types of shelves in different lengths. Make sure you choose shelves in colours to suit the colour of your wall. You can't go wrong with a tone-on-tone colour, or try combining two contrasting colours to create a more eye-catching decorative effect!


Other wall storage units: build your wall

When it comes to wall storage, any layout goes: whether you prefer horizontal shelves or vertical storage. You can also play around with different heights. Don't forget to leave room for your TV screen if it's near your storage combination. If you want to wall-mount your TV, it would ideally form part of your shelving. In this case, choosing floating storage units to position just underneath is often a good option. You can use them for storing all your electronic equipment, neatly and tidily out of sight.

The main things is to find a style you like and think about how each element will work in advance. This will help you to establish how much storage space you will need and consider carefully whether you need open or enclosed units. Our collections offer a wide range of styles that can be easily combined together. They make it easy to create a light and airy style of decor, without risking making the room appear cluttered.


Designer bookcases to add interest to a wall

If you love books and have some lovely collections that you'd like to show off in your lounge, you ideally need to find a bookcase that will show them off to their best advantage. A designer piece with an unusual structure is perfect for giving your lounge a stylish and modern look. Our various bookcase collections blend in easily with any style of home with their natural colours and timeless materials. The depth of the shelves is perfect for displaying smaller books or larger albums, creating an instantly decorative effect.

Extra tip: combining several bookcases is an easy way to create an ingenious and practical room divider, separating two rooms such as a lounge and hallway for example.

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