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Which chairs are best with a wooden table? | Gautier Magazine

quelles chaises avec une table en bois ? | meubles gautier

Which chairs are best with a wooden table?

Now that you have chosen a beautiful wooden table for your dining room, you just need to find the right seating to go with it. Depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create, choose stylish dining room chairs that ensure your guests are comfortably seated. Be aware that the choice you make can instantly change the atmosphere of your room. Make sure you choose carefully and try to go for high quality, premium materials so that your seating is durable as well as stylish.


Styles of chairs to combine with a wooden table

Here at Gautier, we offer several choices of on-trend chairs for combining with a beautiful dining room table. Here are some of our favourites:

The "Napoleon" chair with a decidedly structured, designer look and spindle back;
The cosy chair that's perfect for creating a homely and refined atmosphere;
The sturdy and simple industrial chair, perfect for factory-style interiors;
The Scandi-style chair, perfect in a bright colour, usually with legs in natural wood or stained on some models.

Armchairs for a cosy look

If you're looking to furnish your dining room in a style that's smart and modern, the Edito Carver chair is just what you need with its wooden legs inspired by Scandi styling. You can also go for metal legs to create a more industrial style. In terms of the coverings and colours, the possibilities are endless. Feel free to mix and match to create your own personalised combination suit your tastes.


Designer chairs for a modern look

If you're looking to create a trendy feel for your home, the Versa chair is the one we would recommend! This designer chair stands out from the crowd with its rounded shape that gives it an unusual, stylish look. Its curved seat provides maximum comfort. These chairs comes in various choices of colours and materials, all with a really soft feel and designed to enhance the homely, refined atmosphere of your dining room.

Dining room chairs in a timeless style

Vintage styling is all the rage at the moment; but rather than going for a wooden chair, consider going for the Komo design that's much more comfortable with its generously sized seat and backrest. It comes with fully customisable colours and finishes to suit every taste. Brighten up your home with warm colours such as red or yellow, or go for a more understated effect with various different neutral and very stylish shades.


Hints and tips for choosing your chairs

When choosing a chair, you need to consider the style, structure and covering, as well as the type and stain of wood if you decide to go for wooden chairs. You also need to consider the shape of the table as well as the type of legs it has, as this will influence your choice in terms of style and practicality.

Choosing mismatched chairs that complement each other

It's very fashionable at the moment to go for mismatched chairs. We recommend selecting different shapes but with an identical wood stain or fabric colour to pull them all together. You may also decided to go for completely mismatched chairs; this can work well as long as the rest of your decor is fairly neutral.


Which chairs are best with a wooden table? | Gautier Magazine
Which chairs are best with a wooden table? | Gautier Magazine

Choosing the right material for your chairs

Whether you go for wooden, velour or synthetic materials for your chairs, your choice will influence the general look and feel of the room. To create a shabby chic look, go for natural materials or fabric coverings that will bring a soft feel to the room and blend in perfectly with the wood used for the table.

Choosing the shape of your chairs to match the shape of the wooden table

For a round wooden table, go for chairs with curved backs to reflect the circular shape of your table and blend in more easily.


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